A river is going through a city with people washing inside and sitting on stairs.

Water and Religion

Water in Religion and Ritual There are many reasons why this plain liquid plays a key role in the ceremonies and belief systems of world religions. It is both a ritualistic object and a symbol. On one hand, it is used for washing away impurities, nourishing the body and offering protection. On the other, it […]

Illustration of black pipe with polluted water running into the sea. Bottles and tons on the sea bottom. Red container ship in the background.

The Causes of Water Pollution

How can pollution of water be prevented? When we talk about this particular pollution, we are referring to the harmful contamination of streams, rivers, lakes and seas, by various compounds. As water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface in various forms, aquatic pollution has far-reaching implications, for both us, our environment, and wildlife. Pollution […]

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