Woman wearing tank top drinking out of a glass with both hands. River and large trees in the background.

Water as a Human Right

Filkaline > Blog > 2018 > March Human right to water and sanitation The United Nations General Assembly created Resolution 64/292 in 2010, it acknowledged the intrinsic importance of clean water and access to sanitation for all. In recognising that it was a human right, the UN placed pressure on the nations of the world […]

Different water drops on a light blue background.

Installing a Pre-Filter Extend the Life of Your Ionizer

Filkaline > Blog > 2018 > March Why Should I Bother with a Pre-Filter? Although many homeowners do use ionisers without a pre-filtration system, doing so can create health risks and also be damaging to the ionizer. The cleanliness of water coming into the home varies throughout the United States, so in some areas, the […]

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