Rusted big pipe with a thermometer in front of white wall.

Flint’s Story…

Filkaline > Blog > 2018 > April A Costly Decision Rather than saving money, it proved to be a far more costly exercise than anyone could have imagined, with life-changing consequences for many of the inhabitants of this mid-western US city. In effect, the whole thing could have been foreseeable, as the Washington Post argued […]

Waterdrop coming out of the faucet, small plant, and fish swims. Shower, washing machine, toilette, and dishes illustration.

Water Consumption

Filkaline > Blog > 2018 > April Water Consumption by Countries Water is essential for all life on earth, it’s not only crucial for our good health, but that of our wildlife, the environment, and industry. However, this is one essential which cannot be produced artificially, it is a limited resource that is permanently recycled […]

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