About filkaline


My name is Jan Gerhards and I would like to tell you a bit about my fields of interest. Why did I title this page “fikaline”? Fikaline is a combination of the terms “filter” and “alkaline”. Alkaline and filtered water is something everyone is talking about and as you read on you can discover a lot of background information.

Alkaline water is an ionized form which works as a powerful and natural antioxidant while simultaneously supporting the body in ridding itself of superfluous acids. These are generated on the one hand by a number of cell metabolism processes in the body itself, while on the other hand we often eat and drink food and beverages which are highly acidic. Alkaline water from an ionizing device can counteract excess acidity, has simultaneously a negative oxidation value (ORP) and, with its hydroxide ions supplies numerous antioxidants. A de-acidified body is generally healthier than a hyper acidic body!

As a result of many years of studying naturopathic material, testing various dietary supplements and water ionizing devices I have specialized in products which will improve health. As an expert in water and food supplements it is my desire to draw attention to the natural healing potential of numerous underrated dietary supplements and through information and supply of these to accompany you on your way to a healthy body. In my capacity as marketing specialist I preferably make use of the internet as communication and sales instrument.

Above all my intention is to provide support for the body in its natural healing processes. Of course, physicians and medication are important and in some events absolute necessary, however, in nature there are many ways in which to promote health without having to combat severe side effects. And, it is just this energy provided by nature which has raised my interest and led me to specialize in the following fields:

• Pollution of potable water. It can make your blood run cold when we see the dangers which can affect tap water. In addition to lead and chlorine, bromodichlormethane, chromium (hexavalent), dichloroacetic acid, total trihalomethanes (TTHM’s), trichloroacetic acid, chlorate, and perfluorinated chemicals have been found. Accordingly, a whole-house water filtration system is essential or, at least, a good filter system prior to the ionization of the water. This page will provide you with comprehensive information on the function of such filter systems.

  • Kangen Water™ by Enagic®, Ionization units which generate alkaline water counteracting hyperacidity. Ionization devices of this kind are simply connected to the water tap, the desired pH value is selected and active alkaline water is the result – as if straight from a mountain spring. Water with extremely minute molecules is created, which can more effectively be absorbed by the cells. Additionally, the water is alkaline and supplies numerous electrons which the body in turn can utilize to counteract the processes of oxidation.

Photo with a range of water ionizers from the manufacturer Enagic producing Kangen water.

  • ASEA™, salty water supplying the mitochondrial redox signaling molecules. These are constantly required by the cells for their renewal and the body’s defense. As a result, ASEA™ is often drunk by athletes. ASEA™ has also proven successful in the treatment of a number of various illnesses. It is also available as a cream for skin care, promoting cell renewal in the skin – and, has proven successful in reducing wrinkles.
  • Food supplements. I developed a company for vitamins in The Netherlands and sold this successfully. In addition, I operate a private German blog about vitamin D3 which is visited daily by between 2000 and 4000 people. An article from the blog about “highly dosed vitamin D3” is, according to thousands of Facebook ratings, the most successful article in Europe in the field of food supplements.

I am also interested in further natural products which promote health – such as, for example, Kangen Ukon Sigma Tumeric, colloidal silver, liver cleansing or also DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). There is so much useful information available which is worth taking a closer look at.

The second largest field of interest is the internet and its potential for gaining new customers. Here, I have concentrated on the design of search engine optimized web sites which are designed to achieve the highest possible Google ranking. I am also active in the sector of “pay per call”. If you have questions, wishes or suggestions simply send me an e-mail at: filkaline(at)gmail.com

In the event that you are interested in using this page for your personal sales of water ionization units or whole-house filter systems, simply get in touch with me.

These information were not written by the American Food and Drug Administration, or any other official authority. This site and its products do not promise to diagnose and cure diseases, or protect you from them. Always consult your doctor when you are sick.