Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 2

Oxidation-Reduction Potential Diagram. Drawing explains how an atom loses an electron. Counterpart right shows how an atom gains an electron.

Prevent Free Radical Damage Affecting Your Body With Negative ORP Water

Three main changes to ionized water:

1. pH
2. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP)
3. Molecular Structure

Another change which occurs as part of the ionization process is oxidation/reduction potential (ORP). This measurement refers to the fortitude of a solution, in terms of its oxidizing or reducing capacity. In both oxidization and reduction, an exchange of electrons takes place as part of the reaction. If there is a surplus of electrons, the ORP measurement will be negative. The greater the negative number, the more surplus electrons there are. Should a measurement show a positive ORP, then the solution is seeking electrons and is unstable.

Examples of reduction and oxidization are all around us. Essentially, it is oxidation which causes a substance to break down. It is what triggers a cut apple turning brown or a piece of iron to rust, though both are drawn-out examples of the process. A speedier example would be fire. Oxidation begins to happen when unstable molecules, those which lack electrons, begin to shred electrons away from another molecule. A domino effect ensues, where molecules shred each other’s electrons repeatedly until the reaction takes place, be it fire, rust or browning.

How Oxidation Can Affect Our Health

Interestingly, this type of reaction can also occur within our bodies. It happens as a result of the immune system attacking harmful elements, like bacteria, by removing the bacteria’s electrons, to stop it from growing any larger. Once the bacteria are destroyed, an opposite reaction begins. Antioxidants are introduced to halt the destruction by giving electrons. So, if your body is not rich in antioxidants such as enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, it is more of a struggle to stop the oxidation cascade from terminating healthy cells. You may have heard it referred to as free radical damage and this can be avoided with antioxidants.

A rusted car without wheels and windows on the ground, blue sky. Some trees in the background.

An antioxidant has one key function, that is to deliver electrons to free radicals that have none. This stops them from taking electrons from living cells. The most effective antioxidants are those which can be absorbed easily, also known as being bioavailable. As free radical damage has been linked to pain, aging, disease, and inflammation, each year huge amounts of money are spent by people buying antioxidants. Indeed, it has been hypothesized that free radicals are in fact the reason we do age. Either way, having a steady supply of antioxidants can keep us in good condition and help us to age healthily.

It’s a measure of electron activity, but also a measure of the potential antioxidant power of a solution. A negative ORP reading reveals that the liquid has plenty of electrons, therefore it can be used as an antioxidant. The higher the negative number, the more antioxidant it is. If we look at the average bottled h20 we are likely to find an ORP of around +150 to +300 millivolts (mV). In aqua from the mains supply, that number increases to as high as +500, making it rich in free radicals.

Conversely, the ORP value of fresh orange juice lies between -200 and -100, making it a robust antioxidant until it is poured. Once it reaches the air it oxidizes and no longer has antioxidant properties. Orange juice that has been processed has a high ORP of +200mV, making it more likely to introduce free radicals to your system. In its pure form, vitamin c is an antioxidant. We add it to juices because it gives its electrons and halts the browning process.

As ionization takes place, an excess of electrons is produced in the alkaline water, making it a very effective antioxidant. For example, Kangen Water lies between -300 and -800 on the ORP scale, depending on the source used. This means that per cup, Kangen Water is more antioxidant than orange juice. Drinking it regularly can support your body against disease, pain and other free radical damage. This is the simplest way to get the antioxidants you need because it just involves drinking a glassful of sparkling H2O.

Better Intestinal Health from every Glass

Negative ORP water can also help to rebalance the beneficial microorganisms which inhabit your intestines and help you to enjoy better digestive health. All microorganisms require different oxidation-reduction potentials to thrive. As our gut-friendly bacteria is 95% anaerobic, they need negative ORP levels. When you choose food and drink with a negative ORP, it can help to keep them healthy and active. This is probably why so many people find their digestive issues disappear after regularly drinking ionized water.

Acid water is also produced along with the alkaline. The important difference is that it loses electrons and therefore has a higher positive ORP level. At this point it is even more free radical than your mains supply, making it capable of wiping out fungus, viral pathogens and bacteria. With its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-microbial qualities, you can use this acidic solution on plants, in food and as a cleanser for the face or home. Hospitals and restaurants have been using it as a disinfectant for years and in Japan, it has been used to treat gangrenous tissue, then reduce the swelling created by free radical damage.

With no added toxins or antibiotics, strong acidic water is an excellent antibacterial solution for the home. Use it as part of a daily cleaning routine and its high acidity will also strip mineral deposits from your windows and surfaces.


Thank you to Dr. Dave Carpenter for permission to use his book Change Your Water Change Your Life, as inspiration for this article.

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