Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 3

Three blue drawn cycles with an oxygen atom and negatively charged air ion.

Feel Revitalised With A Daily Dose Of Crystalline Water

Three main changes to ionized water:

1. pH
2. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP)
3. Molecular Structure

The final of the three key changes which happen to water when it becomes ionized can be seen in its molecular structure. The organization of a solution’s molecules has a significant effect on how well it can hydrate your body and enhance energy levels.

Chemists describe water as a ’polar’ molecule. One side is negatively charged and the other is positively charged, due to the position of electrons around the atom. Therefore, if the water is subjected to electricity, the molecules re-arrange themselves in order to remain balanced. They take on a hexagonal geometry and it is this change which alters the properties of the solution. Removing it from the electrical field halts this cycle, but enough of the structure's crystalline form is left to make a difference. When it is consumed, this optimized water is more able to hydrate our cells, to carry nutrients, support our metabolism, remove waste and increase cell to cell communication.

The Cancer-Fighting Properties of Structured Water

In 1986 the Molecular Water Environment Theory was put forward at a seminar on cancer. The authors argued that by consuming hexagonally structured or crystalline water, our bodies become more resistant to disease, experience increased vitality and age at a slower rate. The accompanying research revealed five key facts:

1. Infant’s bodies contain water with a greater degree of structure
2. Water around healthy DNA has a higher degree of structure that that around cancerous 
3. The proteins of healthy tissue are surrounded by more highly structured water than proteins around cancerous tissue.
4. In a clinical trial, constipation and bowel health was shown to improve with structured water consumption
5. Structured solutions appeared to limit cultured cancer cells growth.


Purple blue to a light green background with DNA and molecules.


If you are wondering how a liquid substance can have structure, it can be explained using the term ‘coherence’.

Quantum physics refers to ‘coherence’ as being a ‘fixed phase relationship’, existing between particles or waves. Molecules must turn or spin in a united way if water is to have coherency. Coherent systems maintain their organized state for longer, and it is this concept which quantum physicists are beginning to use in considering life itself.

Quantum theories assert that organization and structure are what separates life from death, rather than simple chemical reactions. The implications for our health are huge, especially when you take into account that aging and illness are linked to the structure of water in a person’s body.

Liquid crystals are different from solid crystals, as they are responsive and display orientational order. They are used in computer displays and even in our own bodies, as cell membranes and collagen are now thought of as liquid crystals. Crystalline quartz shares many characteristics with H2O and is used in computer manufacturing because it vibrates at a precise frequency when placed under pressure. This means it can relay signals quickly and accurately.

In terms of molecular geometry, structured water and crystalline quartz exhibit the same pattern. This could be the reason why structured water is so adept at transporting signals through our living cells. It is now believed that structured water could have a crucial role in many important bodily functions, including, enzyme activity and DNA repair and signaling.


Thank you to Dr. Dave Carpenter for permission to use his book Change Your Water Change Your Life, as inspiration for this article.h

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