Finance an Kangen Ionizer and Maintenance

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Financing and Maintaining a Water Ionizer for Your Home

Whatever your budget and filtration requirements, you can find a solution that’s affordable and will provide the best alkaline ionized water for your home. Many manufacturers have customizable ways for you to pick a filter, then pay for it and keep it maintained. Any finance option usually includes the cost of professional installation and setup, but you can ask about extras before committing to a purchase.

It may seem like a big step, but whole home ionizers are an excellent way of adding value to a home, plus in the long term they work to protect other domestic essentials, like your pipework, the washing machine, and the dishwasher.

A Tailor-Made Payment Solution

Kangen is a popular ionizer from the Japanese brand, Enagic. To help their customers find a payment plan that suits their personal circumstances, the brand has created a number of different options. If you would prefer not to pay in full, you can make an initial payment then choose how many installments you’d like to make to clear the balance. For example, the stylish and advanced SD 501 Platinum costs $4,280, but you can choose to pay with three monthly deposits of $1,200, or six of $600, or ten of $360, or sixteen of $225. For all four plans, the shipping fee remains the same at $18 and the deposit is $680. However, the installment charge increases incrementally; so if you choose the three-payment option it’s $30, or $60 for the six-payment option, or $100 for the ten-payment option, or $160 for the sixteen-payment option.

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Low-Interest Deals from Enagic

If you’d prefer an alternative ionizer, there are many competitors with similar schemes that won’t have an impact on your credit rating, because they only perform a soft check when you apply. You’ll need to get the ball rolling by browsing the water filters on offer, then selecting any accessories and additional items you need. It can all seem rather confusing, so if you would like a few pointers, or you’d prefer to be guided through the entire process, just give the company a call for advice.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when arranging any loan is the interest rate, so always look for 0% interest plans or those with relatively low-interest charges of between 2-6%. Once you’re happy with the charges, arranging finance can usually be completed online - you simply fill in the necessary forms on the company’s website and digitally sign the agreement. When you’ve been approved and everything is confirmed, your order will be shipped straight away.

Care and Maintenance for Kangen Water

Most ionizers are sold as low or zero maintenance machines, but there will be occasions when you need to perform a few basic tasks to keep the unit flowing. One of the most common is replacing the filter, which needs to be done every six to twelve months, but this will depend on the level of usage. You can carry out this action yourself with no expert knowledge and new filters are not especially expensive.

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The filter panel should be clearly marked, you just need to locate it, then open it and take out the old filter. When you put in the replacement remember to reset the indicator, if your unit has one, so you have a new filter-life reading. Once you’re finished, allow water to flush through the system for a few minutes and it will be ready to go. Internal cleaning is another routine task which some companies simplify by providing sachets of cleaning powder with each unit. The contents are sprinkled into a special cartridge which is loaded into the filter compartment. The unit is then filled and left to soak for a few hours, before being flushed through. Then it’s just a case of replacing the cleaning cartridge with the usual water filter cartridge.

Getting the Professionals In

The majority of companies which sell water machines are experts in keeping these specialist units well maintained and functioning smoothly. You might not need their assistance with routine tasks, but a professional opinion is essential for more complex issues. In much the same way as we service our cars regularly to keep them roadworthy, water machines occasionally need their working parts checked for wear and tear, then replaced if necessary.

Many factors can degrade a unit’s performance, so if you have noticed a lower flow rate or reduced ionization, even after putting in a new filter, call for help. An engineer can strip down a system, descale any areas where lime deposits have built up and recalibrate a display if it has been showing incorrect results. They can also descale individual components, or carry out an entire system refurbishment to keep your water machine functioning optimally.

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