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Installing a Pre-Filter Extend the Life of Your Ionizer

Filkaline > Blog Why Should I Bother with a Pre-Filter? Although many homeowners do use ionisers without a pre-filtration system, doing so can create health risks and also be damaging to the ionizer. The cleanliness of water coming into the home varies throughout the United States, so in some areas, the mains supply will be […]

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What Doctors, Scientists and Nutritionists Say about Enagic Kangen

Filkaline > Blog Support for Enagic Kangen™ Water from the Medical Profession Dr. Hiromi Shinya: Diet is the key to our health, maintains Dr. Hiromi Shinya. That’s the conclusion of this endocrinologist who has spent 35 years as a physician, during which time he’s had the opportunity to examine the stomachs and intestines of hundreds […]

Water Quality and Testing in Your Area

Filkaline > Blog What is in your Water? Basic or alkaline water detoxifies and purges the body. However, you can’t produce alkaline water from the tap without a process called electrolysis. Therefore, all ionizers have an electrolysis chamber in which an electrochemical process takes place, this splits the water into acidic and alkaline water. We […]

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How a Whole House Filter Can Boost the Quality of your Water

Filkaline > Blog How a Whole House Water Filter Affects Your Drinking Water Whole house filters are increasingly being used by people who want to clear their mains supply of as many contaminants and impurities as possible. These powerful, yet surprisingly compact units work to treat water at the point it enters the home. This […]

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Finance an Kangen Ionizer and Maintenance

Filkaline > Blog Financing and Maintaining a Water Ionizer for Your Home Whatever your budget and filtration requirements, you can find a solution that’s affordable and will provide the best alkaline ionized water for your home. Many manufacturers have customizable ways for you to pick a filter, then pay for it and keep it maintained. […]

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Water Shortages

Filkaline > Blog Scarcity and Lack of Access to Safe Water In excess of one billion people around the globe don’t have enough to drink. This can be through drought, poor management, or simply having no continual source. Every country needs a reliable supply of this vital fluid to nurture and process crops, produce energy […]

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Water and Religion

Filkaline > Blog Water in Religion and Ritual There are many reasons why this plain liquid plays a key role in the ceremonies and belief systems of world religions. It is both a ritualistic object and a symbol. On one hand, it is used for washing away impurities, nourishing the body and offering protection. On […]

Illustration of black pipe with polluted water running into the sea. Bottles and tons on the sea bottom. Red container ship in the background.

The Causes of Water Pollution

Filkaline > Blog How can pollution of water be prevented? When we talk about this particular pollution, we are referring to the harmful contamination of streams, rivers, lakes, and seas, by various compounds. As water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface in various forms, aquatic pollution has far-reaching implications, for both us, our environment, […]

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