Different test tubes with hydrochloric-acid inside. Blue, red and yellow liquid. Placed on a periodic table.

What is Hydrochloric Acid?

Filkaline > blog > alkaline-water Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a strong corrosive aqueous solution. Discovered in about 800 AD by alchemists, it is strong-smelling, colorless or slightly yellow inorganic acid with a pH range of 1−3 (very acidic). How to make Hydrochloric Acid? In the human body, the cells lining the stomach wall make hydrochloric […]

Buttons with numbers starting with red, acidic, to green, neutral, to purple, alkaline.

Benefits of Alkaline Minerals and the pH Balance in your Body

Filkaline > blog > alkaline-water Three main changes to Ionized Water:   1. pH 2. Oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) 3. Molecular Structure When we talk about a pH balance, we are referring to the ‘potential of hydrogen’, this is a scientific measure which relates to the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and also a gauge of […]

Photo montage of mountains, sky, pigeon, and people with sports activities like mountain biking, skateboard, and paragliding.

Alkalinity And The Athlete

Filkaline > blog > alkaline-water Dehydration: It’s Not Just About Quantity, But Quality Too Staying hydrated through drinking plenty of liquid is important for everyone, but it’s vital for those who regularly take part in sporting activities. Common sense advice from coaches and trainers is to drink plenty of fluid while exercising, because the negative […]

Three blue drawn cycles with an oxygen atom and negatively charged air ion.

Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 3

Filkaline > blog > alkaline-water Feel Revitalised With A Daily Dose Of Crystalline Water Three main changes to ionized water: 1. pH 2. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) 3. Molecular Structure The final of the three key changes which happen to water when it becomes ionized can be seen in its molecular structure. The organization of a […]

Oxidation-Reduction Potential Diagram. Drawing explains how an atom loses an electron. Counterpart right shows how an atom gains an electron.

Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 2

Filkaline > blog > alkaline-water Prevent Free Radical Damage Affecting Your Body With Negative ORP Water Three main changes to ionized water: 1. pH 2. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) 3. Molecular Structure Another change which occurs as part of the ionization process is oxidation/reduction potential (ORP). This measurement refers to the fortitude of a solution, in […]

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