Water dam with boat in front

Controlling the flow: how Ethiopia quietly took charge of the Nile

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a game-changer for the region’s water supplies For many governments, ensuring the quality and supply of drinking supplies for their expanding human populations is an increasing cause for concern. Could the first conflict over water arise between nations along the River Nile? The largest and most demanding of these is […]

Photo montage of mountains, sky, pigeon, and people with sports activities like mountain biking, skateboard, and paragliding.

Alkalinity And The Athlete

Dehydration: It’s Not Just About Quantity, But Quality Too Staying hydrated through drinking plenty of liquid is important for everyone, but it’s vital for those who regularly take part in sporting activities. Common sense advice from coaches and trainers is to drink plenty of fluid while exercising, because the negative effects of dehydration on athletic […]

Desiccated, cracked ground.

Dehydration, Water And Your Well-being

How much liquid does your body need daily? Do you sometimes suffer from unusual symptoms for which your doctors can’t find a cause? Could it be that simply not drinking enough liquid, or drinking the wrong kinds of liquids, is having a noticeable effect on your body? There’s an easy step you can take to […]

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder writing in 3D.

New Study Suggests Possible Fluoridation Link To ADHD

Fluoridation and ADHD: a Connection Governments and health authorities across the globe routinely authorize the fluoridation of community drinking supplies. They do this by adding hydrofluorosilicic acid, which is intended to substitute for the naturally occurring calcium fluoride which exists in some water sources. It’s also sometimes added to food products such as table salt, […]

An illustration shows plants and one rabbit. Several arrows present how nitrites and ammonium convert to organic nitrogen.

What Is The Connection Between Nitrate Concentration And Water Quality?

Being Aware of Potential Contaminants Also known by the formula NO3, a nitrate is an inorganic compound made up of one nitrogen molecule and three oxygen molecules. They occur naturally with the environment and represent an important source of nitrogen for plant life. Nitrogen makes up a key element of chlorophyll and plants use this […]

Contaminated water runs through a rusted brown, green outfall pipe to sand ground.

EPA Extends Federal Emergency Declaration for Flint

Emergency Declaration for Flint Contaminated Water Since April 2014, the city of Flint in Michigan, has been at the centre of a shocking water crisis. Residents unknowingly consumed harmful supplies which were contaminated with various toxins, including lead. As the location of the largest General Motors plant in the U.S.A, Flint was once a prosperous […]

Three blue drawn cycles with an oxygen atom and negatively charged air ion.

Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 3

Feel Revitalised With A Daily Dose Of Crystalline Water Three main changes to ionized water: 1. pH 2. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) 3. Molecular Structure The final of the three key changes which happen to water when it becomes ionised can be seen in its molecular structure. The organisation of a solution’s molecules has a significant […]

Drawing explains how an atom loses an electron. Counterpart right shows how an atom gains an electron.

Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 2

Prevent Free Radical Damage Affecting Your Body With Negative ORP Water Three main changes to ionized water: 1. pH 2. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) 3. Molecular Structure Another change which occurs as part of the ionization process is oxidation/reduction potential (ORP). This measurement refers to the fortitude of a solution, in terms of its oxidizing or […]

Buttons with numbers starting with red, acidic, to green, neutral, to purple, alkaline.

Three Main Changes to Ionized Water – Part 1

Rebalance Your Body’s pH Level With Alkaline Minerals Three main changes to ionized water: 1. pH 2. Oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) 3. Molecular Structure When we talk about a pH balance, we are referring to the ‘potential of hydrogen’, this is a scientific measure which relates to the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and also a […]

Rusted big pipe with a thermometer in front of white wall.

Flint’s Story…

A Costly Decision Rather than saving money, it proved to be a far more costly exercise than anyone could have imagined, with life-changing consequences for many of the inhabitants of this mid-western US city. In effect, the whole thing could have been foreseeable, as the Washington Post argued on January 14th 2016, that “Flint [had] […]

Waterdrop coming out of the faucet, small plant, and fish swims. Shower, washing machine, toilette, and dishes illustration.

Water Consumption

Water Consumption by Countries Water is essential for all life on earth, it’s not only crucial for our good health, but that of our wildlife, the environment, and industry. However, this is one essential which cannot be produced artificially, it is a limited resource that is permanently recycled across the world and that makes it […]

Woman wearing tank top drinking out of a glass with both hands. River and large trees in the background.

Water as a Human Right

Human right to water and sanitation The United Nations General Assembly created Resolution 64/292 in 2010, it acknowledged the intrinsic importance of clean water and access to sanitation for all. In recognising that it was a human right, the UN placed pressure on the nations of the world to adhere to the standards it set […]

Different water drops on a light blue background.

Installing a Pre-Filter Extend the Life of Your Ionizer

Why Should I Bother with a Pre-Filter? Although many homeowners do use ionisers without a pre-filtration system, doing so can create health risks and also be damaging to the ionizer. The cleanliness of water coming into the home varies throughout the United States, so in some areas the mains supply will be affected by contaminants […]

Doctor in a white gown with a stethoscope around his neck.

What Doctors, Scientists and Nutritionists Say about Enagic Kangen

Support for Enagic Kangen™ Water from the Medical Profession Dr. Hiromi Shinya: Diet is the key to our health, maintains Dr. Hiromi Shinya. That’s the conclusion of this endocrinologist who has spent 35 years as a physician, during which time he’s had the opportunity to examine the stomachs and intestines of hundreds of thousands of […]

Water Quality and Testing in Your Area

What is in your Water? Basic or alkaline water detoxifies and purges the body. However, you can’t produce alkaline water from the tap without a process called electrolysis. Therefore, all ionizers have an electrolysis chamber in which an electrochemical process takes place, this splits the water into acidic and alkaline water. We drink the water […]

Yellow, green and red particles on left side floating through a membrane turning into blue.

How a Whole House Filter Can Boost the Quality of your Water

How a Whole House Water Filter Affects Your Drinking Water Whole house filters are increasingly being used by people who want to clear their mains supply of as many contaminants and impurities as possible. These powerful, yet surprisingly compact units work to treat water at the point it enters the home. This means the water […]

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Finance an Kangen Ionizer and Maintenance

Financing and Maintaining a Water Ionizer for Your Home Whatever your budget and filtration requirements, you can find a solution that’s affordable and will provide the best alkaline ionized water for your home. Many manufacturers have customisable ways for you to pick a filter, then pay for it and keep it maintained. Any finance option […]

White sand in front with a few small stone formations. Green, blue sea behind.

Water Shortages

Scarcity and Lack of Access to Safe Water In excess of one billion people around the globe don’t have enough to drink. This can be through drought, poor management, or simply having no continual source. Every country needs a reliable supply of this vital fluid to nurture and process crops, produce energy and keep the […]

A river is going through a city with people washing inside and sitting on stairs.

Water and Religion

Water in Religion and Ritual There are many reasons why this plain liquid plays a key role in the ceremonies and belief systems of world religions. It is both a ritualistic object and a symbol. On one hand, it is used for washing away impurities, nourishing the body and offering protection. On the other, it […]

Illustration of black pipe with polluted water running into the sea. Bottles and tons on the sea bottom. Red container ship in the background.

The Causes of Water Pollution

How can pollution of water be prevented? When we talk about this particular pollution, we are referring to the harmful contamination of streams, rivers, lakes and seas, by various compounds. As water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface in various forms, aquatic pollution has far-reaching implications, for both us, our environment, and wildlife. Pollution […]

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