Your Body can Detoxicate better with Alkaline Water!
No Water – no Detoxification!

Would you place a fish in an aquarium and never enrich and exchange the water? I hope not! The fish would die. And we are no different: we, too, would die if our bodies did not get fresh water daily. The body requires it urgently for numerous metabolic processes. It carries nutrition into the cells and flushes out waste products. Without water, we would be unable to remove the residue and waste products from our cells which are created in the metabolic processes. Water plays a major role in the detoxification processes of the body!

To detoxify we sweat via our skin, exhale waste products with our breath, dispose of toxic substances in the liver, the intestines and in the kidneys. The lymph system is also involved in the removal of unwanted metabolic waste and toxic substances. However, all of this does not function when there is not sufficient water available. When there is a lack of water one of the first things that the body does is to discontinue detoxification processes. The body can then no longer dispose of its waste products and stores them instead. In the fatty tissue, the joints, arteries… You can imagine what the results would be!

The residue is an acidic waste product which can lead to hyperacidity of the body. This reduces the pH value of the core of the cells. To prevent the cell core from becoming too acidic, the body must be able to dispose of the waste products. Alkaline water assists in counteracting hyperacidity. It helps to remove the toxicants and provide electrons in order to captivate free radicals which are generated in the metabolic processes. According to Dr. Peggy Barker, the latter in particular is extremely important in detoxification as she is of the opinion that it is especially these free radicals which can damage the cell membranes. When the cell membrane is damaged oxygen and water cannot penetrate the cell easily and toxicants such as CO2 cannot exit to the same extent. Dr. Parker is convinced that this has sustainable effects on health (see the book by Peggy Barker: “If bodies heal themselves – why am I still sick? The simple truth about oxidation.”)

Detox Illustration (cross) on how to purge your body of environmental contaminants like pesticides, toxins and phthalates.

Dr. Sherry Rodgers is also convinced: Alkaline water frees the body of acidic waste”. A further physician, Dr. Carpenter, drinks alkaline water for the same reason. The American physician recommends the use of an ionizing device to generate alkaline water. This water possesses a further decisive advantage in the detoxification process: the molecules from an ionizer are “micro-clustered”, i.e. they form small clusters, small groups which can easily penetrate and exit cells. On the other hand, many drinks of water today form larger molecules which are more difficult for the cell to absorb than smaller molecules. The small molecule groups are created by the creation of swirl in the ionizer while at the same time they often create a hexagonal form, i.e., a six-sided figure. As a hexagon, it can be absorbed especially easily by the cells. In this manner, the cells can be well “watered” and the residue dissipated.

When you begin to drink alkaline water you can feel this detoxification. Those who increase the pH value too quickly or begin with a high pH value of 9.5 can quickly experience detoxification symptoms. This can lead to headaches or a skin rash. If this appears you must reduce the pH value by one stage, either to 9.0 or to 8.5. The detoxification symptoms will then disappear. Remain at this lower level for some time and then increase again. Do not wonder that you experience detoxification symptoms when you start off with a high pH value! This is not a sign that the water is bad, but rather that it is doing its work and detoxifying!

However, even the best water cannot purge if it is not drunk in sufficient amounts. It should amount to 30 to 40 ml per kilo of body weight, i.e., a person weighing 100 kg should drink about 3.5 liters per day in order to keep his or her metabolism running at an optimum level. And I mean 3.5 liters, not apple juice mixed with carbonated water or any other pseudo healthy beverage. Even if you do not yet have an ionizer: continue to drink a lot! It is only in this way that you can regularly exchange the water in your most important aquarium – your body.

You can also achieve detoxification with your food intake simply by eating alkaline. The following provides some information about alkaline and acidic foodstuffs:

Sour lemons have an alkaline effect!

Did you know that? Sour lemons are metabolized by the body to an alkaline product as all fresh fruits and vegetables are converted to bases even if it was previously acidic (such as e.g., a lemon or a grapefruit). So, if you have to bite into a sour apple your body will still rejoice not only because of the intake of vitamins, minerals and roughage but also because of the input of bases.

Many people often eat food which is too sour. This results from the fact that we often eat filtered or sifted cereals such as white bread (sour), a lot of “industrial meat” (sour) and our vegetables often overcooked (sour). The result: hyperacidity, a condition in which the body can no longer function optimally.

But when is something sour and when is it alkaline? As we have already seen fruit and vegetables in their raw form are metabolized to bases. For this reason, it is important to eat as much raw fruit and vegetables as possible. Salad with every meal would be a good idea… But unfortunately, most people eat fresh products only in exceptional cases. Of course, there is also fruit and vegetables which we cannot eat raw – such as, e.g., potatoes or quinces. However, potatoes remain alkaline even after cooking. Try to increase your intake of raw fruit and vegetables as well as including sprouts, smoothies and freshly pressed fruit juices in your nutritional plans. You can grow sprouts yourself at home in glasses, for smoothies you will need a mixer and for a green drink, a juice extractor will be necessary. A juice extractor which extracts the juice slowly is better than the cheaper extractors which spin the juice out of the cells at high speed. But before you invest in an expensive extractor it is better to put your money into a good water ionizer which will produce the ionized alkaline water. Because water is the nutritional basis and – depending upon your body weight – you should drink between two and four liters per day (a rule of thumb is 30-40 ml per kilo of body weight per day). But raw fruit and vegetables, smoothies and juices can also support detoxification.

But even in the case of sour products, it is necessary to differentiate: are they good or bad acids? The body needs good acids such as, for example, good fatty acids which are present in nuts and seeds. Bad acids, on the other hand, should be avoided. Good acids are found in leguminous plants, millet, Indian corn, quinoa, or wholemeal cereals. Bad acids are formed by all milk products, finished products, confectionery, and conventional meat or through sour beverages such as carbonated mineral water, lemonades, coffee or tea. Yes, it really is true – if you add carbon dioxide to the water it will begin to bubble but also become sour as the carbon dioxide is acidic. It is true that you can argue about the pros and cons of organic meat and eggs. But this is a matter of what you believe as to whether or not you want to eat eggs from happy hens which are fed with organic cereals. Nothing should be bedeviled at this stage – with the exception of industrial foodstuffs. While potatoes are alkaline when cooked, like French fries they are acidic. It is true that potatoes are vegetables but when they are deeply fried they no longer support the body but instead supply only calories.

If the body has to absorb too much in the form of acidic foodstuffs while simultaneously trying to maintain the blood pH value at a constantly slightly alkaline level then it will turn to its own mineral reserves in bones, teeth, tissue, and organs in order to obtain alkaline minerals to counteract the acidity.

In this way, minerals are drawn from the body to ensure that the body‘s acidity-alkaline household is brought back into balance. Please read the article on the subject entitled “HYPERACIDITY” 


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