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Alkaline Water Ionizer Manufacturers

One of the most reliable suppliers around, Enagic is a Japanese water ionizer manufacturer company with over four decades of experience in water ionization systems. During this time, they have built up a reputation for reliability with their distributors and this is enshrined in their corporate practice.

Their US arm, Enagic USA, is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which lays down a strict code of conduct for its affiliates. Primarily, they recognize that as direct sellers, they have an obligation to behave ethically and fairly towards their customers.

Internationally recognised as a leading Japanese ionized water machine, the Enagic unit is Certified as a medical device in Japan and widely used in schools and hospitals across the world. Enagic is an Original Equipment Manufacturer with offices around the USA and the rest of the world. Every machine they produce is put together by a single technician using Enagic made parts, to ensure a quality result.

Drawn Medal in gold

Japanese Kangen machines are distributed across the globe in their hundreds of thousands, and their CEO Hironari Ohshiro is dedicated to the concept of ‘human technology marketing’. Therefore, Enagic is working with individuals and organizations to create a company with a global reach, educating the public about the interconnectedness of ‘water and health’ from their global offices in 23 different locations.

Japanese Water Ionizer Supplier

Enagic machines are manufactured to last with a set of specialist features, these keep them optimally maintained without the need for a microwater engineer. Firstly, they run a self-cleaning program four times each hour, this is done by reversing the plate’s polarity. Secondly, users can use one of the brand’s cleaning cartridges which can simply be put into the machine and then left to work overnight. Once a month is often enough and cartridges can be purchased from a Japanese water ionizer supplier.

Thirdly, for a small fee, anyone who buys from Enagic can return his or her machine annually for a thorough clean. Finally, to extend the life of their products, Enagic will conduct a complete re-build of any machine which is over 15 years old, although this too will incur a fee. They will not replace the plate unit which can last far longer but will overhaul the electronics and piping.

Enagic Kangen Machine Certifications

Unlike any other suppliers, Enagic and its Kangen water machine range has won three of the industry’s most prestigious certifications. These are from the Water Quality Association, the National Sanitation Foundation and the American National Standards Institute, all independent non-profit making organisations.

If the water from a microwater ionizer is so beneficial to health, then why is it not available in general stores? Although we do find pH drinks in some stores, this does not provide the same hydrating and anti-oxidant effects, because it is not ionized. The only way to receive all the goodness of this product is to drink it fresh, straight from a Kangen machine. However, water that has been dispensed from the Kangen unit SD501 will hold on to its unique properties for two days or 48 hours in total, so you can keep a supply in the fridge if you wish.

More Alkaline

A Kangen device filters any mains supply, and the water produced comes in five different types to suit a range of functions within the home or garden. The first, Strong Kangen, with a pH of 11, is not designed for drinking, instead, it is recommended for using in cleaning and food preparation. The second type is Kangen, it has a pH of 8.5 to 9.5 and this is ideal for drinking, cooking, food preparation and plant care. It has been reduced electrolytically and can improve a person’s health by leaving their body more alkaline. The third is Clean and has a pH of 7, making it neutral. This is an excellent option for drinking water, but can also be used to prepare food for babies or to take medication, as it is quickly absorbed by the body. The fourth type of water available using Enagic technology is Beauty, with a pH of 4.0-6.0. A slightly acidic nature means it’s not for drinking, but it will perform brilliantly as a cleanser for humans, pets and homewares.

Strong Acidic

Finally, Strong Acidic with a pH of 2.7, has the most impressive disinfecting properties of the lot. Whilst it cannot be used for drinking, it can thoroughly cleanse a kitchen and ensure surfaces stay hygienic.

White water machine from Enagic Kangen on kitchen desk.

Enagic sells a range of seven different ionizers, each designed to fulfil a different need. The most powerful is the Kangen 8, but they still sell their original SD501 model and the updated SD501 Platinum. The Super501 is ideal for high-demand homes, while the JRII is a low power version and makes a great starter model. When a customer is on a tight budget, the Leveluk-R will provide three types of water instead of five, but still represents good value. Finally, the SD501U slides under the counter, for homes where space is at a premium.

Leveluk K8 Sign

When customers want a more luxurious experience, the ANESPA DX Home Spa System removes chlorine and infuses bath or shower water with mineral ions. There is also a Kangen UKON dietary supplement, created to replicate the benefits of ancient medicines, and a health-enhancing UKON Tea, along with a rejuvenating UKON Soap.

The Kangen Ukon Dietary Supplement is harvested from organically grown spring ukon, which is also known as wild garlic, and then distilled into a more concentrated form. Taken as a soft-gel capsule it provides a rich blend of essential oils and vitamins which can help your body to remain healthy.

Enagic is a Japanese water ionizer supplier with 40 years of experience, they are trusted members of the Direct Selling Association and Better Business Bureau. They have a large collection of units suitable for all types of household need and have already sold just under 700,000 Japanese ionized machines.

Contact Info:
Florida Office
8803 Futures Drive, Unit 01
Orlando, FL 32819
TEL: +1 407 601-5963
FAX: +1 407 730-3335


Tyent USA

Whether customers want a larger filter or one that will fit under their countertop, Tyent USA has a selection of nine plates and eleven plate ionizers that produce healthy, clean water. There’s also a collection of replacement filters that fit everything from bath balls to shower filters and regular ionizers from the ACE, UCE and MMP ranges. Their travel products, like baby bottles and portable alkalizers, are designed to cater for busy lifestyles and the H2 Cap Portable Hydrogen Water Generator can convert normal water into hydrogen-rich water on the go. In the Home and Accessories area, Tyent USA has faucet dividers, air filters and hydrogen tablets to complement their ionizers.

Company president and founder, Joe Boccute, became interested in the healing properties of alkaline water whilst looking for a way to help people lose weight and stop smoking. After seeing how successful the results could be, he decided to get involved, consulting with experts and finally developing a product that was uniquely tailored to US waters. On their website, Tyent list certifications from independent bodies that attest to the safety of their products, these include the CE mark and the CB mark, along with a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Every ionizer sold by Tyent holds a ‘forever guarantee’ - a lifetime warranty on all parts and services.

Contact Info:
TyentUSA World Headquarters
137 Hurfville Crosskeys Road
Sewell, NJ 08080
855-TYENT-US (855-893-6887)


KYK sell their own range of alkalizing ionizers, for domestic and industrial use, some of which allow for instant heating and cooling of the water produced. They also have a collection of hydrogen products that disinfect and purify water for drinking, along with portable ionizers, and filters to maintain the functionality of their products. To complete the package, KYK has air purifiers and toothpaste, both enriched with plant extracts.

KYK was established in 1980, as the Dae-won Electric Company. They carried out research into the link between natural medicines and water, winning numerous awards for their achievements over the years, mostly in their native Korea. Their CEO, Dr Kim, has dedicated his professional life to an understanding of water science and often appears in the media, answering questions about his work.

Contact Info:
KYK Co., Ltd.
#3705 Trade Tower, 511,
Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
South Korea
Tel : +82-2-6000-0333 / Fax : +82-2-6000-3070
Email : kykok(at)



AlkaViva offers single electric and non-electric ionizers, along with whole-home solutions that treat water as it enters a house. Their Ionpia H2 Water Generator delivers triple filtered water, which can help with a fitter lifestyle, reduce inflammation, and guard against free radical damage. Along with their main collection, the company sell testing kits, replacement filters, dechlorinating tablets and educational books relating to water health.

AlkaViva has been in business since 2002 when they began selling juicers. By 2004 they had added ionizers to their line up and soon found their products in high demand. Some years and name changes later, they are still going strong and are the proud bearers of a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Their manufacturing processes have always remained innovative, they were the first to offer a US-made filter and the first to show US Environmental Protection Agency results, which underlined the efficiency of their filters.

Contact Info:
AlkaViva, LLC
8745 Technology Way, Ste. C
Reno, NV 89521, USA
Phone: (775) 324-2400
Fax: (775) 201-1188
General Inquiries: info(at)


LIFE Ionizers

California based LIFE Ionizers have been in the business for over two decades. They now ship to 23 countries across the globe, including the UK, Canada and Australia. Over the years their service has evolved to encompass a community called ‘The Alkaline Lifestyle’, which can be accessed through their social media pages. Members support each other and can request guidance from the company’s licensed therapist or certified nutritionist.

Life Ionizers have an extensive range of alkaline enhancing products, including Next Generation M-Series water ionizers, filters and accessories. The ionizers cover the needs of most customers, with models to suit commercial applications, along with those designed for travel, under the counter versions and countertop alternatives. Their replacement filters work with these, ensuring the water produced meets the standard their customers would expect. Finally, in the accessories section, they have whole house or shower filters, along with bottles and replacement parts.

Contact Info:
Life Ionizers
6352 Corte Del Abeto, Suite H.
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Fax: 760-585-1267

Synergy Science

Synergy Science’s flagship Echo range includes the Echo 9 Ultra Hydrogen Water Machine which is the first to produce neutral and alkaline H2 enriched water, along with an acidic Hypochlorous (HOCl) version for disinfecting. They also sell Qi-Me items which provide protection from radiation, detox supplements, Echo branded bottles and an infrared sauna to block out electromagnetic fields.

With an end goal of improving people’s health, Synergy Science has based their work on extensive research carried out in 700 separate studies, each exploring the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water. Synergy Science has termed their service the hydro revolution, they encourage the public to educate themselves about hydrogen health, and to make their own decisions about nutrition. The company aim to transform the marketplace with H2 enhancing tools, but also through establishing a community who want to take control of their hydration levels through consuming hydrogen-rich aqua.

Contact Info:
Contact Us: 800-337-7017 (Toll Free)
Email Us: Info(at)



Launched back in 2010, Vollara wants to empower people with knowledge about leading healthier lives. Their systems are designed to incorporate LivingWater technology, imbuing the raw H20 with therapeutic properties, by ionizing, filtering out toxins and neutralizing acidity.

Vollara’s Alkaline Water Machines come in a number of sizes, but each uses patented Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology that produces an excellent standard of alkaline water. It’s packed with active hydrogen and highly drinkable. Vollara Fresh Air is an air purification unit which can make the air feel fresher by removing allergens, odours and germs. Inside, negatively charged ions are used as nature intended to remove contaminants and make air easier to breathe.

Contact Info:
Vollara, LLC.


Air Water Life

Direct manufacturers of the popular Aqua Ionizer Deluxe series, Air Water Life keep their prices competitively low and offer customers a free pH testing kit so they can establish which kind of ionizer would be best to treat their mains supply. They have supplied more than 10 000 customers with Aqua units, ensuring they can always have access to great-tasting alkaline water for drinking, or for use in the kitchen. The parent company, Real Spirit USA, Inc. was established in 1995 and began distributing solar-powered devices, before branching out into air purification and water filtration with their new division, Air Water Life.

Contact Info:
Real Spirit USA, Inc.
320 S. Rock Blvd. Ste. 210 Reno
NV 89502
Phone: 888-601-5886 | 775-432-2861


Chanson Water

Establish in 1979, Chanson Water Co. has always maintained a focus on providing complete water solutions for family homes. Each unit that leaves its production line has gone through rigorous quality testing, ensuring it’s ready for life in a busy household. Their product range includes ionizers like the VS-A705 Miracle Max Royale, which work with any source, along with water dispensers which offer boiling, cool or cold water on demand, and lifestyle essentials like shower filters. To treat the supply of an entire home they have complete filtration systems, but there are also simple filtration units that will fit onto a faucet.

Chanson Water Co., Ltd.
2F, No.88-11, Sec 1, Guangfu Rd,
Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : 886-2-8511-2222
Fax : 886-2-8511-0122


Water for Life USA

Based in Portland, Oregon, Water for Life USA distributes water ionizers from the Korean brand EOS, and have done so exclusively for the last 10 years. They take a holistic approach to their role by selling each unit at a reasonable price, but also by providing educational materials so their customers can learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Water for Life has brought together a wide selection of purification products for all types of household. They have under-sink, turbo and countertop ionizers, along with a discounted range, replacement filters and pre-filters, for more problematic source water. Homeowners can also customize their ionizer with faucet diverters, pH testing kits, and mineral filters.

Contact Info:
Water for Life USA



Founded as bottled water innovators, Spartan Enterprises, Inc. in 1993, Watershed have always dealt in water. In 2017, their entire operation was restructured in order to create more efficient working practices, and ultimately to offer better products for less. The company has put together a wide range of modern alkaline water ionizers that not only perform brilliantly but also blend well in a contemporary home. The EC series has a pH selection of three levels in total, but the AQ series offers more choice, with a selection of six. Watershed also sell replacement filters for their ionizers, along with hardworking prefilters and housings.

Contact Info:
16280 National Parkway ,Lansing MI 48906 USA
TEL : 1-517-886-0440
FAX : 517-886-1402
Email : Bob(at)


Emco Tech

Emco Tech has been involved in the industry since 1970 and is committed to ethical working practices. Their ionizers and accessories have been developed in collaboration with 20 full-time PhD students who are employed at their Japanese HQ. To go with their ionizers, Emco Tech has a full suite of products for the home.

Contact Info:



Ayana believes that healing waters found across the world in sites like Lourdes in France, and the Hunza Glaciers in Pakistan, have specific qualities in common. They are anti-oxidant, energizing, mineralized, pure and microclustered, with high alkaline levels. It is these properties which Ayana seek to recreate in their own brand of water.

Contact Info:



Boasting medical-grade levels of hydrogen, the Nexus Smart 7P Ionizer is a state of the art unit, that can produce either filtered or ionized water at the touch of a button. It can be fitted to a wall or positioned on a countertop, depending on the individual preference of each customer.



VWA is one of Malaysia’s most important ionizer producers and has managed to win a South Korea Medical Device Registration and Approval seal for their systems. VWA is interested in the power of cellular functional water as an antioxidant. They sell large MMP series units, replacement filters, and portable bottles. Each works to purify, energize, ionize, mineralize and alkalize source water.

Contact Info:
VWA (M) SDN BHD (788730-A)
12, Jalan PJS 1/28,
Batu 7, Jalan Kelang Lama,
Petaling Utama, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7784 4388 / +603 7782 3636 / +603 7772 8889
Toll Free: 1300 222 123
Fax: +603 7781 1377
Email: vwa(at)


Evontis Elite

An extremely powerful ionizing unit that is suitable for domestic use, the Evontis Elite can deliver water that exactly meets the needs of each household. It features a wide choice of levels including three alkalines, one neutral and two acidic. Once the pH level is chosen, the function is confirmed by audio and a visual alert.



Bawell is a US-based company selling a number of ionizers, each protected by a money-back guarantee which extends to 60 days after the purchase, and a lifetime warranty. They are particularly interested in promoting ionized water as a much healthier and more economical alternative to bottled varieties.

Contact Info:
Bawell Health Water LLC
102 NE 2nd Street Suite 326
Boca Raton, FL 33432



Designed by one of Japan’s best-known ionizer manufacturers, the Impart Excel FX produces water with eight different acid and alkaline levels. Strong Acidic is recommended for cleaning, Acidic is for personal cleansing, while Purified is for baby milk and taking medicines, while Alkaline 1 is drunk for health. The remaining four alkaline waters are suitable for various culinary purposes.

Contact Info:
Address: 18/F, China United Plaza
1008 Tai Nan West Street
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Customer Service Hotline : (852) 2311 9890
Phone : (852) 2626 1060
Fax : (852) 2311 9890
Email : cs(at)



Alkalux water ionizers feature cutting-edge technology like touchscreen displays, voice announcements, and an electronic antibacterial system. They take any mains supply and create pure alkaline aqua that’s pH balanced and deeply oxygenated. It’s ideal for drinking, cleaning, or cooking, and can be set up on any sink in minutes.

Contact Info:
783 N.Grove Rd
Suite 101, Richardson TX 75081
Telephone No. 855-ALKALUX (255-2589)
Email info(at)alkalux.cor

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