Chronic Constipation: One to three times daily now is normal for me!

For years or even decades, I had problems with my digestive system. It was normal for me to pass stools very infrequently and my constipation was chronic. Sometimes I could only manage to go once a week. When I went to visit our family doctor, his brief reply was: "Drink more" (I drank more but it did not help at all), and so I resorted to off the shelf and over the counter remedies from the pharmacy.

These mainly consisted of enemas and lactulose. Enemas are tubes or bottles which contain a solution that gets injected into the rectum, causing the blockage to clear. Lactulose is the naturally occurring sugar in milk, it is drunk in a syrup form, making the stool softer and easier to pass.

Sadly, these products are not a real solution for long-term constipation, rather an emergency fix. I had no idea how I would ever get rid of my constipation problem and it remained a constant cause of stress. If I went to the toilet once a day I was relieved, but this did not happen often. Finally, I got myself an ionizer, a device which is connected to the tap and produces alkaline water from regular water. Ever since I first began to use it, my digestion is vastly improved. Going to the toilet once, twice, or even three times a day now is normal for me. If I go for a week without alkaline water, for example, if I’m on holiday, my constipation returns and I really look forward to coming home.

I’ve also found this alkaline water to be highly drinkable since it is very soft, so you automatically want to drink more. It’s certainly good for our health to drink a lot, assuming it’s the right kind of drink! Since I’ve made these changes in my life, I’m happy to say my constipation problems are finally solved.
Julia G., Berlin


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